To promote the sustainable development of economy and environment

Dr. Hao Jiming and Mr. Liu Xiaofeng meet with Italian, Spanish and South African Leaders

2019-09-22 09:09Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

On September 21, 2019, during the World Economic and Environmental Conference, Dr. Hao Jiming, IEEPA President and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, Vice Chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee and former Executive Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Peasants and Works Demoncratic Party, met with Hon. C. T. Cedric, IEEPA Senior Foreign Advisor and Chairman of the National Assembly of South Africa, Mr. Matteo Renzi, former Prime Minister and General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Italy, Mr. Mariano Rajoy Brey, former Prime Minister and current member of the House of Representatives of Spain. Mr. Liu Zhiren, counselor of the State Council and Mr. Li junyang, IEEPA Exectuive Vice-President, attended the meeting.

Mr. Liu Xiaofeng congratulated the convening of the Conference and welcomed the presence of foreign dignitaries from Italy, Spain and South Africa. President Hao Jiming congratulated the former leaders of Italy and Spain on their appointment as the Vice President of the Academic Presidium of the World Economic and Environmental Conference, in the hope to further promote the cooperation between China and Italy, Spain and South Africa. He also would like to take this opportunity to gain more support so as to co-build an international investment and exchange platform for ecological industries and promote economic prosperity and sustainable environmental development by maximizing the role of IEEPA.

Hon. Frolick said that South Africa is facing the huge challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment. These three interdependent social and economic phenomena are called "triple challenges" in South Africa. He hoped to build a high-end international activity platform through the IEEPA to learn from the high-quality development models of the world's economy and environment, so as to achieve more balanced development. He also welcomed delegates from China, Italy, Spain to visited South Africa.

Mr. Matteo Renzi and Mr. Mariano Rajoy Brey spoke highly of the contribution of the IEEPA of promoting the sustainable development of ecology and economy. They showed the full support to IEEPA in successfully holding the World Economic and Environmental Conference, and also expressed their willingness to strengthen exchanges with the IEEPA to fully explore the potential of eco-economic and trade, investment, science and technology cooperation, and further expand cultural and academic exchanges.

Mr. Li junyang attended the meeting and briefed the Italian and Spainish political leaders on the international exchanges and cooperation carried out by the IEEPA. He said that IEEPA adheres to the orientation of "based in Beijing and facing the world", attaches great importance to giving full play to the power of social organizations and carrying out international cooperation and exchanges. At present, it has established friendly and cooperative relations with many government departments, academic institutions and international organizations around the world. He hoped to further strengthen cooperation with Italy and Spain with the support and participation of political figures of all countries, and was willing to launch a delegation of member enterprises to visit the aforementioned countries and promote cooperation.