To promote the sustainable development of economy and environment

2018 World Economic and Environmental Conference Held in Beijing

2018-09-29 13:09Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

The 2018 World Economic and Environment Conference (WEC) was held on 22nd and 23rd September in Beijing. The theme of 2018 WEC is "One Belt and One Road: Economic and Environmental Coresponding: Clear Water and Blue Sky: Innovative Development of Productivity". International Ecological Economic Promotion Association (IEEPA) and the Environmental Science and Engineering Research Institute of Tsinghua University co-sponsored the 2018 WEC. More than 600 delegates from more than 20 countries attended the conference, including experts, scholars and officials from Standing Committee of NPC CPPCC, Ministry of ecology and environment, SASAC, CAE, Jiusan Society and other government agencies, as well as from foreign embassies and international organizations such as UN, and ESCAP.

Highlights of 2018 WEC

Zhongli Ding, the chairman of the presidium of WEC, the vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, and the chairman of the NLD Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony of WEC and stated in his keynote speech that over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China''s environmental laws and regulations have been continuously improved, and the quality of the ecological environment has improved significantly. However, at present, China still has problems such as soil, water and air pollution. It is necessary to strengthen the legal system of ecological environmental protection, give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, vigorously cultivate environmental protection industries, and actively carry out international cooperation at the same time.

Hon. Cedric Frolick, Senior Counselor to the IEEPA and Chairman of the South African National Assembly said in his keynote speech that international participation to the WEC indicates that countries recognized the important role of environmental protection in economic development. It shows the sincere willingness of countries to deepen cooperation in the field of environmental protection. The "Belt and Road Initiative" is a good opportunity. China's social and economic development can benefit other countries in the world. Countries participating in the WEC should share ideas and experiences, and embed of mutual respect, mutual equality and mutual benefit through cooperation. Together, we will contribute to sustainable development of our civilization.

Hao Jiming, Executive Chairman of the Presidium of the Congress, President of the IEEPA, Academician of CAE and Dean of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University, pointed out in his keynote speech that the construction of ecological civilization and the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution are at a critical stage of overlapping pressures and advancing with heavy loads. We have to and we have the ability to provide better eco-products as well as eco-services to solve the outstanding ecological & environmental problems, and meet people''s growing demand for beautiful life. So we must make great efforts to improve the environmental quality under this overall judgment. Hao Jiming put forward that air quality improvement is long-term task and needs integrating of fine management and dynamic control measures. PM2.5 pollution prevention and control has just come out of the first step, and still has a long way to go. Adhering to the guidance of science and technology, continuously improving the ability of science and technology services, and building a fine comprehensive management system of atmospheric environment will promote scientific haze control.

Anna Lindstedt (Dian Lin), Swedish Ambassador to China, said in her speech that the Paris Climate Agreement and the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 call for global cooperation. Different countries have different cultures and require common ground while reserving differences, taking into account economic, health, spiritual and social issues, improving the environment, protecting resources and following the development path. In order to build a green "one belt and one road", we should carry out international cooperation in terms of economy, reduce waste and carbon emissions, re-use waste, and make international cooperation in such areas as intelligent manufacturing, smart city, energy structure adjustment and circular economy.

Li Junyang, vice president and secretary-general of the IEEPA, presided the opening ceremony on behalf of the organizer, and made a report on the research results of the "Eco-economic Bank and Business Model of Converting Natural Resources to Invaluable Assets". Li pointed out that eco-economy is a complex system. It includes the relationship between ecological balance and economic balance, the relationship between ecological benefit and economic benefit, the relationship between ecological supply and economic demand, the evolution characteristics of ecological economic system and the sustainable development of ecological economic system. The operation of eco-economy needs powerful impetus, which is a compound impetus composed of market, government, non-governmental organizations and public forces.

The WEC, as an internationally influential activity, builds a platform for governments, industries, and social sectors together to address issues on climate change, sustainable development, sustainable economic growth, and international cooperation. Countries are shifting towards a eco-friendly and low-carbon development model, and jointly work together to address the ecological environment and economic problems that continue to deteriorate during the human activities and economic development. The WEC shares China''s experience on green and low-carbon development with the world and strives to be the leading event in eco-civilization and sustainable development promotion. The WEC has become one of the important social promotion activities in the field of circular and ecological economy promotion.