To promote the sustainable development of economy and environment


2010-10-22 17:10Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文


International Ecological Economy Promotion Association(IEEPA) has been approved by Government, registered in the Civil Affairs Department. It strives to promote programs for the city to build high-quality economic and environmental development in the fields of ecological agriculture, ecological industry, ecological transportation, ecological architecture, ecological energy, ecological culture, ecological tourism, green mineral development and natural resources. Guided by Chinese President Xi Jinping's discourse, "Ecology is a resource, to develop ecology is to develop the productive forces", IEEPA hopes to become a professional, trans-industrial, and international social organization. Specifically, IEEPA focuses on promoting sustainable development that improves both the economy and the environment; implementing the China State Council's ecologically sustainable development policy ; developing ecological resources, energy conservation, and the environmental protection industry; helping improve the function of governmental social work; establishing self-regulation as an industry mechanism, designing industry standards for the ecological economy, energy conservation, and environmental protection industries; implementing industrialization measures, and calling for coexistence between economic development, human health and society.


Over many years of development, IEEPA has become a professional non-government organization dedicated to boosting energy conservation, environmental protection and China is sustainable development, and has made certain achievements in this regard. Since 2007, IEEPA has made great efforts to promote sustainable development between domestic economy and environment; As a professional organization engaged in boosting energy conservation and environmental protection industry, promote demonstration project development, IEEPA has carried out baskets of programs or projects like policy analysis, subject research, international technology transfer and cooperation, regional and urban development solutions, and has become an observer of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment & development, with a view to submitting relevant advices and reference report to government organs.

Our final goal is to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in all fields in China, advance comprehensive development of environment-friendly economic sectors, support service sectors of energy conservation and environmental protection in becoming an important growth engine in the tertiary industry, enhance competitive advantages of relevant sectors, publicize national policies, laws, regulations and institutions in energy conservation and environmental protection, inform enterprises of macro-regulation goals and policy priorities of the government in a timely and accurate manner so as to help promote prospective and advanced studies on energy conservation and environmental protection and provide guidance for major decision-making efforts by government and enterprises.

Scope of Work and Service

[Development Principle]

-Advocate energy conservation and environmental protection construction, maintain harmonious ecological environment, promote sustainable development of human society, promote governments and enterprises to make diversified investment.

[Research Field]

-Make analysis and research in the aspects of global climate change, regional sustainable development, strategic emerging industry, urban ecological process and so on.

[Role and Function]

-upgrade industrialization and development of energy conservation and environmental protection, boost demonstration projects, carry out international exchange and cooperation;

-provide research reference and support for governmental organs;

-establish international platform for enterprises and all walks of life;

-conducting policy analysis, international technology transfer and cooperation;

-establish and implement solutions on urban resource and environmental development.

[Major Activities]

-has formed close ties with Chinese government and international organizations like UN System, National Bank and so on;

-as an observer of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, submits relevant advices and reference reports to the relevant governmental organs;

-has established a platform for international cooperation, a platform which may respond to enterprises appeal on changing outmoded mode, industry policy and other general appeal, and pass them to relevant authority;

-under the cooperative framework of UN Systems, held professional and influential international meetings, forums and so on.

IEEPA also takes an active part in pushing forward international technology transfer and project cooperation, encouraging more Chinese enterprises to establish multi-channel cooperation with international entities, to introduce advanced capital and technology, and seek effective solutions. Besides, the association makes great efforts to encourage NGOs, enterprises and individuals with advanced technologies to jointly establish global platform on energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon technology transfer, to promote non-governmental exchange and cooperation to a higher and wider degree.

Besides, IEEPA also established Special Working Committee for Energy Conservation, which was engaged in enhancing energy efficiency, popularizing integrated energy efficiency solutions, giving technical guide and support to energy conservation and emission reduction. Simultaneously, the association may provide topic cooperation, industry analyses, standard research, technical demonstration, application and popularization, project evaluation, international exchange and consultation. It has also established China International Cooperation Center and corresponding service departments.