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The National Academician Symposium on High Quality Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

2019-10-21 04:10Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

On October 19, 2019, the National Academician Symposium on High Quality Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry was held in Beijing, co-sponsored by the International Ecological Economic Association (IEEPA), China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Legal Daily, Tsinghua University's Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Nankai University's School of Environmental Science and Engineering. In attendance was Dr Hao Jiming, President of the International Ecological Economy Association; Dr Du Xiangwan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Vice President of the State Council, Director of "no waste city" construction committee; Dr. Peng Suping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deputy Chief of State Work Safety Technology Expert Team, Chairman of the IEEPA Committee of Green Mining; Dr. Hou Li'an, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Dr Ni Jinren, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Mr Liu Zhiren, Mr Che Shujian, Mr Wu Yin, Counselor of the State Council and other guests. Leading experts from relevant ministries and research institutions, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nankai University, also attended the meeting and spoke on the basis of industrial and enterprise development cases.

The symposium noted that, in order for the central government and the State Council to formulate various policies to support enterprise development, it is necessary for the relevant ministries to establish the implementation of results tracking and review mechanisms.

In his speech, President Hao Jiming stressed that all sectors of the community should actively appeal and help entrepreneurs to grow, as well as promote the implementation of government policies so that enterprises know that policies are carried out rather than just put on paper, especially due to the existence of behaviors like inaction or indiscriminate one-size-fits-all solutions. In developing a high-quality business environment, entrepreneurs are able to grow confident in addition to having the energy to focus on improving management capabilities within competitive industry environments. Such developments do well to aid and achieve social-economic and high-quality industrial development.

President Hao Jiming also pointed out that the future growth trajectory of China’s economy is reliant on high-quality development of strategic emerging industries, and even as the first of China’s seven strategic emerging industries, energy conservation and environmental protection has encountered difficulties even when showing a good development trend. He noted that in order to promote the high-quality development of China’s energy saving and environmental protection industry, there is a need for innovation with regard to systems and mechanisms, further exertion on social forces, increased support for scientific and technological innovation with business as the main body, and the encouragement of entrepreneurs to continuously cultivate and promote new technologies and products in the energy-saving and environment protection industry. “Green” should be the universal standard of the state and society.

Mr Shao Bingfang, Party Secretary and President of the Legal Daily, stressed that in the course of the current process of national economic transformation and high-quality development, the creation of a business environment based on the law needs to be further strengthened. In order to make the business environment more attractive and secure, the rule should be used to regulate the boundary between the government and market, to enhance the respect of the laws of the market economy, and to set up a protective net for all kinds of industry within the protection of the law.

Mr Xu Xiaomin, Secretary of the Party Committee of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), said in his speech that discussion of the development of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry is common, and that the symposium is not only an opportunity to consolidate consensus on the topic but also embody "lucid water and lush mountain are invaluable assets".

Mr Zhao Hualin, Vice-Minister of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, pointed out that the state's policy support and the acknowledgement of society as a whole will provide a good environment to develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries. He noted that the energy-saving and environmental protection industry is a future profit and growth opportunity, which will not deter or turn someone away. Instead, full consideration should be given to difficulties faced by private enterprise so as to assist them in making greater contributions to the country’s ecological environment.

Mr Liu Zhiren, State Council Counselor and Mr Che Shujian, researcher also noted that in conditions of economic downturn, the business environment can become increasingly difficult for enterprise, and although the policies are unprecedented favourable, policy implementation is too hard to launch but have to be made a higher priority.

Mr Wu Yin, Researcher in the Counselor’s Office of the State Council, former Deputy Director of the State Energy Administration and Member of the CPC, stressed the need to increase the development ambitions of entrepreneurs, which Mr Xi Jinping, President of China, clearly noted as important to the development of the country. Only by sharing the five development concepts, particularly innovation, coordination, green, and openness, among governments in order to develop and implement policy, it will the confidence of entrepreneurs be boosted.

Mr Li Junyang, Vice President of the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association, made it clear that the symposium, hold jointly by academicians and counselor, invited "China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd." to represent state-owned enterprise, and "Xiong'an Kerong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd."on behalf of private enterprise, to conduct a case report. Academicians and counselor in particular stressed the need to find the root cause of the problem in the analysis of economic and industrial problems, especially in the current economic situation, so private enterprises develop confidence and at the same time carry out feasible help at the community level to make a difference. Mr Li Junyang also suggested that relevant ministries should establish a mechanism for tracking and reviewing the results of implementation to establish practical safeguards, enhance the sense of enterprises to be able to rely on policies, and accelerate the promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection industries towards high-quality development.

Mr Li Junyang believes that the development of enterprise is facing problems and difficulties such as industrial transformation, capital and market turmoil, but among them the biggest problem is the issue of enterprises confidence. He states that it is difficult to solve the problems of the external environment without solving the problem of confidence first.

The 2019 State Council government work report gives entrepreneurs confidence in their development, clearly stating that the relevant systems should be reformed and improved to promote both high-quality development and ecological environment protection. At the same time, it is clearly stated that fair regulation promotes fair competition. Resolute and repeated inspection is necessary. The regulator should also strengthen supervision, establish rules, never allow selective law enforcement, and never allow for difficult enterprises.

Mr Li Junyang further pointed out that the energy-saving and environmental protection industry as the first of China's seven strategic emerging industries is to build high-quality economic development and ecological environment protection. However, facing with industry management irregularities as well as the implementation of non-standardized policy, the state’s attention and support to enterprise development is missing. Although efforts to improve shortcomings exist, the current societal need for ecological environment governance and improvement will continue to grow. This new need has contributed to the development of the energy-saving and environmental protection industry and industrial technology innovation, but this need will continue to grow and then high-quality development must achieve.

Mr Yu Honghui, CEO of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. and Deputy Secretary of CECEP’ Party Committee, said in the report that as general manager of a state-owned enterprise in the industrial front-line, he found that the construction waste in environmental infrastructure is very serious. He found that in the end it is difficult to achieve systematic results and suggested the adherence of market-oriented operation, respect for the status of enterprises, the creation of a good market environment, the active cultivation of sustainable business models and the focusing on solving outstanding problems face in the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry. Furthermore, he suggested finding solutions to environmental development problems and the promotion of China’s high-quality economic development.

This year, the A-stock market has maintained stable operation and is expected to continue to do so even with potential risks existing in the market. In order to support the high-quality development of private enterprises, on 8th November 2018, Xi Jinping, President of China, made it clear in his speech that we should continue to create a favorable environment for the private economy, help the private enterprise economy, solve the difficulties in development, and support the reform and development of private enterprises. On 10th September 10, 2019, the CSRC deepened the suggestions to put forward by the capital market reform symposium: pinpoint the risk of key areas, firmly control the increment, effectively resolve the stock.

Xiong'an Kerong Environmental Science and Technology noted at the symposium that in the development of private enterprise, opportunity and challenge always coexist. Presently great importance is attached by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and various ministries on fair competition for private enterprises in the business environment, as is the importance as solutions to potential risks, so that enterprises relying on the development trend of energy-saving and environmental protection industry are able to create and further strengthen a high-quality enterprise, in addition to listed companies achieve returns to their shareholders and obligations to their communities on the basis of community development and trust.

After the meeting, the symposium will collect the speeches and business research materials of the participating experts. "The National Academician Symposium on High Quality Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry", to send to the State Council and relevant ministries for advising to the state and government high-level.