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Law as an Indispensable Tool for the Development of Environment Protection Industry

2019-10-22 10:10Source: International Ecological Economy Promotion Associate (IEEPA)中文

Dr. Hou Li'an, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Rocket Army Engineering University, Director of the Rocket Army Logistics Science and Technology Research Institute.

Dr. Hou Li'an, Major General, believes that the environmental protection industry, especially energy conservation and environmental protection industry, as a new industry, plays an important role in cracking the structural contradictions of China's economic development. The development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry is also the only way for China's industrial restructuring in the future.

In view of the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, Dr. Hou Li'an puts forward the following suggestions:

First, emerging technology is needed to develop environmental protection industry, including the Internet, big data computing, robots, new materials etc..

Second, it’s important to promote the development and industrialization of new environment-friendly materials. Foreign scientists won Nobel Prizes for graphite-thin, nano-materials in the last century, and now Chinese scientists have used graphite and nanomaterials for our environmental protection field. We need to further promote the research and industrialization of such new environment-friendly materials.

Third, the high-quality development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry cannot be separated from environmental monitoring. For example, in order to monitor pollution, we need to create the Internet and environmental protection environmental monitoring system, the formation of full-dimensional monitoring, supervision, which can be realized through the big data, cloud computing, the Internet and other new technologies.

Fourth, it is crucial to accelerate the sustainable development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry. For example, for drinking water, it would be better to produce healthy drinking water. If we can establish a forward-looking intelligent platform, we will be able to drink tap water at home directly.

Fifth, the legal aspects should be looked at to help sustainable and green development of environmental protection industry by looking at a bigger picture. This year, a project aimed at evaluating the Water Pollution Prevention Law initiated by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress was commissioned to the Chinese Academy of Engineering for further assessment. Therefore, it comes out that law enforcement and law-abiding are still inadequate in some places. It is true that there are some gaps in some places that need to be bridged.