To promote the sustainable development of economy and environment

Treat energy development from a positive and dynamic perspective

2019-10-22 10:10Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

"In the process of national energy development, environmental protection department and land management department have applied a positive and dynamic attitude to follow up the implementation of ecological civilization and beautiful China." Peng Suping said, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the Ecological Restoration Center of China University of Mining and Technology, and chairman of Green Mine Environmental Protection Committee.

Peng claimed that around 1991, China's main coal producing areas were mainly in the eastern part of China. Because of resource endowment characteristics and population and environmental issues, it proposed to move to the west. After discovering a large coal field in Ordos, it raised ecological and environmental problems. At that time, the Ordos was a desert or semi-desert as well as an arid and semi-arid area. Will large-scale mining of coal in such areas cause accelerated environmental damage? Today, as time passes by, under the national regulation of red line and the efforts of production enterprises, the situation of further deterioration of the environment in the Ordos did not appear, but became better. Ecological restoration is better than we thought.

After 20 years of observation, it was found from the short-term observation that the coal mine development process was defined as destruction of the ecological environment. It is now found that its damage to the environment is short-term. In turn, after the repair, the plant grows faster than elsewhere, and there is a phenomenon of self-repair. Why is it faster? Peng explained that just like growing vegetables at home, as if turning over the ground, the entire ecological environment has undergone some changes.

"We should do more experiments and observations to closely integrate energy conservation and environmental protection with national industrial development and life quality of ordinary people." Peng said.