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Shoulder our Responsibility - IEEPA Proposal

2020-01-31 19:01Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

Since the outbreak of the "new coronavirus pneumonia" in Wuhan in Hubei in January 2020, all sectors of the society have been eager to help, and the vast number of medical workers "shed their homes to protect everyone" and risk their lives to rescue patients; "Bafang Support", in the process, many role models emerged that are worthy of our learning and respect!

We firmly believe that we can win this epidemic! In the face of the disaster, the spiritual power of the Chinese nation guides every Chinese child, and a tremendous energy bursts out; the great national spirit has been deeply integrated into the blood of the Chinese nation. This is a powerful spirit that supports the Chinese nation in its stormy and resolute progress power.

As a professional organization in the field of ecological economy, we issue initiatives to all member units, experts and scholars, and colleagues in the field of ecological economy:

I. Cooperate with relevant government departments and resolutely do a variety of prevention and control work. In accordance with the unified deployment actions of the local government, establish an overall epidemic investigation and epidemic reporting mechanism, and implement the requirements of joint prevention, joint control, and group prevention and control. Suspend and suspend all activities, delay work, and do not carry out any gathering activities earlier than the working hours required by local governments.

2. Actively give play to professional advantages and participate scientifically in epidemic prevention and control. Actively play the role of experts, scholars, scientific and technological professionals and sociologists, play an active role in fighting epidemics with professional advantages, and avoid blind or chaotic movements; first of all, we must do our own and internal epidemic prevention work, and at the same time strengthen the guidance and guidance of the science Participate in supporting the fight against the epidemic. Especially for the donated materials in Hubei Province, we must scientifically plan and do everything to the recipients, and do their part.

3. Actively play the role of party members in epidemic prevention and control, carry out epidemic prevention and control expertise dissemination on the spot, take effective measures on the spot to avoid cross-regional personnel movement and conduct business, and participate in community epidemic prevention volunteer work in situ.

4. Actively fulfill social responsibilities, advocate all member units and individuals to donate materials for epidemic prevention, actively donate funds to front-line civil servants, medical staff and social workers to fight the epidemic, and widely launch the establishment of a "they protect everyone, we protect them" mechanism; Contributing to the common fight against the epidemic!

At the same time, the International Eco-economic Association is uniting qualified and capable member units to take advantage of its own international network and channels to find and connect with the current shortage of anti-epidemic materials procurement work around the world, guide and help construct procurement plans, logistics transportation, and orientation Donation and other implementation plans!

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, we will be able to win this war against epidemics! Let's take action together and contribute to this matter.

International Ecological Economy Promotion Association

January 31, 2020