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Fighting against the coronavirus – the IEEPA taking action

2020-02-06 19:02Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

Since the outbreak of the new strain of the corona virus, the IEEPA has taken against to fight the outbreak, strengthening the implementation of the Central Committee, State Council, Beijing Municipal Government’s policy-decision deployment according to scientific planning, orderly participation and functions. IEEPA’s proposal of ‘taking the courage to fight the epidemic’, is done by actively mobilising member units, reaching out to experts, scholars and social workers in specialist committees, cooperating with relevant government departments and ensuring a good job of prevention and control work; taking the initiative of giving full effect to advantages of professionalism through scientific participation in epidemic prevention and control, aiming to donate supplies, scientific planning and donation units, doing everything we possibly can, everybody playing their part. Full use of the role of party members in epidemic prevention and control must be made as well as carrying out the dissemination of expertise in epidemic prevention and control, and adopting effective methods to avoid cross-regional staff movement for conducting business, and taking part in community volunteer work; conditionally uniting the advantages of able member units, and taking advantage of our own international networks and channels, seeking to tackle the current shortage of anti-epidemic material procurement around the globe, guiding and helping in the construction of procurement plans, logistics, transportation, targeted donations and other implementation plans.

IEEPA’s activities include:

1. Initiating the dispersion of internal public welfare forces, building the activities under ‘Sincere Global Transmission of Fight against the Epidemic, Opposing Discrimination, Supporting People in the Struggle for Love’, which mobilises and distributes the IEEPA’s interns and volunteers, and actively supports and encourages the use signage and art performances across global Chinese networks to take China’s fight against epidemic to the international level. The overarching purpose of this is to establish love without borders, oppose discrimination between different people, and to promote acting out of love. This creates a common voice, that simultaneously opposes the misinformation and the distortion of the facts by foreign governments and countries, as well as the foreign media.

2. With the IEEPA as the main platform alongside the green mining environmental protection expert committee, and the green building industry professional committee, and member units, a targeted efforted to direct donated resources to areas in need has been carried out. This includes right across Hubei province including in Wuhan, Beijing municipality, Hebei province and Guangdong province. Overseas channels that allow medical protective wear such as N95 and FFP3 standard masks to be traded between Korea, Japan and England have been launched. At the same time the government has been helped in building permanent virus prevention and cure mechanisms and determining purchases and endowments: including the purchase of special emergency cleaning and disinfectant trucks, special emergency waste disposal and transportation vehicles (epidemic prevention vehicle), portable handheld thermal imaging testing equipment and collecting resources to help prevent and control the epidemic while actively working on current and future prevention and control work.

3. With professional organizations and top experts and scholars on the platform, the active organization of academics plays a leading role in epidemic prevention and control, as well as giving effect to the urgently needed countermeasures. Other work carried out includes: investigating and searching for international prevention and control methods, science and technology, and cases of reference to assist government decisions. Particularly by publicizing their work through the news media, academics have called for a fight against the epidemic, identifying that all regions must take quarantine measures in accordance with laws and regulations and pay attention to all research methods. Public health and other legitimate public interests are the top priority, and this must not change.

4. The IEEPA has taken the lead in mobilizing member units and directing donations to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control in selected cities as well as providing special emergency cleaning and disinfectant trucks to thoroughly clean and disinfect dense urban areas and other places where the virus is found such as hospitals, dwellings, housing estates and a number of other public places. These actions are key to prevent the further spread of the virus.

5. The IEEPA is currently initiating the fight against the epidemic, collecting donations from civil servants, medical staff and social workers and launching the development of the ‘they care for everyone, we care for them’ mechanism, encouraging capable member units in the red cross in your province or city, developing the ‘Public Welfare Fund for the Protection of Frontline Fighters Against the Epidemic’ and integrating corporate development in social responsibility.

The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA)

February 6th 2020