To promote the sustainable development of economy and environment
He Keng, Deputy Director of the Finance and Economic Commission of the 11th National People's Congress: Adhere to green development, not only energy transformation, but also the development of rural small and medium-sized towns2023-05-16
International Conference on Carbon Neutrality and High Quality Development was Successfully Held in Beijing2023-05-16
IEEPA volunteers distribute masks freely to Tokyo people2020-03-19
IEEPA donates PPE to Serbian Embassy in Beijing2020-03-17
IEEPA staffs participate in the grassroots voluntary work against the COVID-192020-03-05
IEEPA donates PPE to traffic enforcement department2020-02-28
IEEPA donates PPE to municipal police stations2020-02-28
IEEPA staffs and experts donate PPE to fight against the COVID-192020-02-27
Beneficial policy for enterprises during the anti-COVID19 period (until Feb.13)2020-02-13