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Promoting the Spirit of Ecological humanism in Beijing International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) Supports the Front Line of Grassroots’ Epidemic Prevention Work

2020-03-06 13:03Source: 中文

At present, all parts of the country are in a critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control war. Party and government organs and the people at all levels are working as one relentlessly, carrying forward the spirit of successive work, and sparing no efforts to contribute to the war of epidemic prevention and control.

In response to the call, social organizations have taken various forms to participate in the fight against the COVID-19. As a first-level social organization of the capital, The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) in Beijing has made full use of its advantages and vigorously promoted the action of each member unit’s own to carry out donation work for support; at the meanwhile, IEEPA took the lead in launching the artistic propagation of international public welfare performance, constructing the action of "Sincerity Spread Worldwide -Fighting against the Epidemic, Being against Discrimination, and Supporting the People who Fight for Love", in the way that volunteers, scholars and foreign friends who care about supporting China's fight against the epidemic shot short videos of "Opposing Discrimination" to spread love, presenting the situation and confidence of China's pandemic prevention and control to the rest of world, and disseminating it widely on the Internet; at the same time, in order to further promote collective initiative and spontaneous action, the International Ecological Economic Association launched leading comrades, in-service, part-time staff to raise funds and donate with individual name, and the money would be mainly used to purchase donated materials in short supply to support Wuhan City and Yidu City in Hubei Province. At the same time, they also take proactive actions to support and participate in the grassroots epidemic prevention work in Beijing to promote the spirit of ecological humanism of Beijing, advocating the value behavior of "I am doing kindness first".

Leaders and staff including Hao Jiming, Peng Suping, Jiang Minglin, Hou Li'an, Li Junyang jointly raised nearly 300,000 yuan in personal donations, and took 500,000 yuan out from the "Eco-economic Special Public Welfare Fund" of the China Environmental Protection Foundation established by the Association in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. There is a total of more than 800,000 yuan's direct donations, respectively through the Beijing Red Cross, Wuhan Red Cross in Hubei Province, the epidemic prevention headquarters of the Yidu government, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, including a Ford negative pressure special epidemic prevention ambulance car designated donated to Beijing epidemic prevention designated hospital's , 5 units of disinfection and sterilization ozone disinfection equipment donated to Yidu of Hubei Province, and 30 units of plasma disinfection fresh air system equipment donated to Wuhan Tongji Hospital, 3000 3M Russian masks conforming to the European Union FFP2 standard and 1000 FFP1 standard masks from international channels an through efforts made by many parties, and 9,000 KN95 standard mask materials, 200 pairs of protective gloves, and 8560 bottles of portable disinfectant and no-cleansing liquids. For the epidemic prevention at the grassroots level in the capital, we have donated materials to the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Service Support Department and the police stations and traffic detachments of the Dongcheng Branch and Shunyi Branch. The portability of the targeted procurement of epidemic prevention materials is conducive to the distribution of individual soldiers in order to express thanks to their devotion to the safety of Beijing citizens, adhere to the epidemic situation on duty in the first line; also through the civil affairs system, donating materials to the Jinbao Street North Community Working Committee, Zhandong Community, Fengtai District Dongtiejiangying Street Community, Jianguomen Street, Dongcheng District; The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) also actively mobilized the deployment, guided the staff to take action, under the circumstances of making self-protection, they are encouraged to take the initiative to go to the grassroots, enter the community, support the front line of epidemic prevention work, and make efforts to strengthen the key areas and weak links of the epidemic prevention and control of the community.

On March 5, 2020, Li Junyang, the full-time vice president of the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) led the team and took the initiative to go to the grass-roots to directly participate in the frontline epidemic prevention and control work while carrying out the research and analysis of the grassroots community work. They put forward suggestions for optimizing the working methods to cadres of street offices and community, the person in charge of the territorial property and volunteers participating in the grassroots work on the spot.

The full-time deputy chairman Li Junyang participated in the grassroots duty while exchanging work experience with grassroots cadres. He said that Beijing, as the capital of the country, is currently facing huge pressures for the return of personnel ouside of Beijing, such as Beijing Railway Station, Capital Airport, High Speed Railway Station and other transportation hubs are key areas with continuous increase in human flow. When we are working at the grassroots level, we must first check and strictly implement the unified deployment requirements for epidemic prevention. At the same time, we must also emphasize the ecological and humanistic Beijing spirit; Beijing is building a "first kindness area", where no xenophobia should be allowed, no matter where the person comes from, business or temporary visitors are guests, people who work and live here are residents as well as citizens of Beijing; People who do not meet the entry and exit regulations should also be treated in an appropriate way, rather than just routed them out rudely ; humanization is the first crucial point of "first kindness", which is to let the people feel the meaning of Beijing's "first kindness", that is, relying on our grassroots staff, through each day and every moment in the work process, to better grasp and contact with every people, explaining policies as far as possible, specifying relevant measures and solutions, eliminating problems, in order to help them as much as possible, if they really can’t help after making efforts, they should be as concerned and warm as possible This is what everyone of us could do at the grassroots level, because each of us just want to shine like a "sparkling red star" at the grassroots level.

Acting Vice President Li Junyang emphasized that sometimes he watched the news and saw outsiders in Beijing who were stopped outside of the community gate for various reasons, especially those who had nowhere to go in the middle of the night, his heart felt very sad. Why can’t we take the initiative to take a step forward in our duties In addition, think of more methods and comparing your heart to their heart. It shows that our grassroots work still needs to be refined, and the responsibilities on our shoulders are also very great. Sometimes I don’t feel power in my hand, in fact, even there is only a little power in your hand, since faced with the mass of people, if it is improper used, they can also feel the trouble caused by this little power; even many of them have to travel around for life. So human nature must be taken into consideration, just treat these people as your relatives. While implementing strict measures, you also need to make them feel warm. Strictly performing duties and humanistic care, and humanistic measures and methods, are not contradictory to each other.

The secretary of the East Community Working Committee of Jianguomen Street Station in Dongcheng District and the community cadres on duty together appreciated the statement of Vice Chairman Li Junyang. They have a deep understanding of the complexity of grassroots work, and the grassroots work is closely related to the people. So they need to fulfill their responsibility with a sincere heart; at the same time, they thanked the Beijing International Ecological Economy Promotion Association for coming to the grassroots level, not only sending materials, but also exchanging work experience and optimizing work plans

The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) sent donated materials to the office area of the North Community Working Committee of Jinbao Street in Dongguo District, and exchanged the challenges and solutions for the work of grassroots communities with the Secretary of the Working Committee . It is stated that the current priority work is to play a role of the community’s grassroots in the epidemic prevention and control. We must respond immediately to any need of the community.

According to the schedule of the grassroots community on duty, the first batch of volunteers of the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) came in advance to the second community of Hengqitiao, Dongtiejiangying Street in Fengtai District to check and make sure that each person’s own protective materials configuration, including masks, Disposable hand-disinfection gels, gloves, shoe covers and other protective equipments are available. The leader of the association, vice president Li Junyang, told everyone to do their own protection, actively cooperate with the work of streets and communities, participate in the work in an orderly manner, and cooperate according to the process. Use scientific methods, and also be good at observing and learning some unique working methods of grassroots cadres, investigate and understand some of the problems reflected by the masses, in general guarantee to actively complete the community epidemic prevention tasks, participate in the fight against epidemic prevention in the capital, and establish an ecological and humanistic Beijing spirit in new era.

In term of the area of the second community of Hengqitiao in Dongtiejiangying Street, there are both commercial and residential houses, as well as mixed office and home, with frequent personnel exchanges, complex workers who restarted to work. They are interspersed by vehicle, pedestrians and resident, there are only greenbelts as segregations. In response to this complex situation, the Beijing International Ecological Economy Promotion Association's grassroots volunteers were divided into 2 groups, which controlled the 2 entrances and exits; the temperature measurement, the inspection of the pass card, the registration of the form, the key verification, and the unknown situations were transferred to the community and property person to handle, helping to distribute courier on site, ordering meals, delivering water, explaining the relevant policy requirements for rework and resumption, etc. Everyone cooperated in an orderly manner.

On the same day, the second batch of Beijing International Ecological Economy Promotion Association's staff who volunteered to support grassroots, and went to the Xiheyan community in Qianmen, Dashilan Street in Xicheng District, Beijing, carrying out shift duty. The third batch of staff are also ready to enrich the front-line forces and contributed to the victory of the epidemic prevention, control and blocking war with practical actions in the future according to the needs of the grass-roots communities.

The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) insists on the organization construction and development in the direction of "based on the capital, facing the world", which is a long-term and basic work. The work of social organizations needs to be accumulated over time, and it is even more necessary to play a proactive role at critical moments. When Beijing builds the role of "Capital of First Kindness", we want to carry forward the spirit of "The First Kindness" and create an ecological, humanistic and social environment, which is to inspire every subject to play a positive role; To look at the problem from the perspective of winning, it is also necessary to prevent from the origins and prevent the dangerous situation at the grassroots level, and play the main role of the people to examine and analyze the elements of social governance.

The International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA), as the one and only capital organization with the banner of "International Ecology", is committed to improving the ecological environment and economic sustainability, promoting the national ecological governance system and social governance construction, development of ecological cities and investment promotion, green consumption and market technology innovation, ecological culture inheritance and international trade, in order to build into an organization with professional, cross-industry and international development.