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China Warms the World —— IEEPA's International Public Welfare Support Action in Japan

2020-03-26 21:03Source: 中文

As China is seeing continuous improvements in domestic epidemic prevention and control, the world is still struggling in the combat with COVID-19. The grim anti-epidemic situation of a severe shortage of protective goods, such as masks, hits many countries. International Ecological Economic Association (IEEPA), as a first-class public organization, makes full use of its advantage and carried out public service activities “Love Around the World” in Japan.

The support from IEEPA, a Chinese social organization, includes two parts. The first part is sending free masks, which were donated by the lead organization of IEEPA, to the teachers and students from the University of Nagoya, while the second part involves organizing volunteers to issue free masks to Japanese people on the streets of Tokyo. Currently, they are exerting themselves to prepare the third batch of public welfare donation to teachers and students from ten Japanese universities, especially Chinese students.

Junyang Li, Acting vice president of IEEPA, pointed out that as a member of the global community, it is impossible for China to be separated from the world in this pandemic. With its international perspective, IEEPA hopes to gather the strength of China’s social forces to send love to Japanese people, in the meantime return Japan’s help to China at the beginning of the epidemic. He also stated that the strength could be used to enhance confidence and determination of the two peoples to fight the epidemic together.

At the donor activities, donor representative Xuanni Chen, assistant director of Green Mine Environmental Protection Committee of IEEPA, said: "We two countries now need to deal with the challenges together to get through the difficulties hand in hand." She quoted: "A single spark can start a prairie fire." This is a spontaneous action of non-government forces that carries out the concept of “A Community of Shared Future for Mankind”. She also hopes to take this event as an opportunity to further promote the cooperation and development between China and Japan in the fields of ecological environmental protection, health, and safety after the epidemic.

The activities received positive and enthusiastic responses, as well as sincere gratitude from Japanese people, along with the hope of generations of friendship between China and Japan. Some people bought oolong tea from the convenience stores nearby to show their appreciation.

The love-sharing action collected power from joint anti-epidemic efforts of non-governmental Chinese organization and Japanese Education Union, sending China’s warmth to the world and appealing to more non-governmental forces to stretch their power regardless of size to fight the virus and work for the destiny of mankind. Through non-governmental actions, we will deliver the spirit of humility, hard work, perseverance and friendship to all countries, and build a bridge of tolerance, connectivity and mutual trust between the people around the world.

IEEPA appeals to capable Chinese enterprises to take actions to promote sustainable development of human society and the ecosystem, to help victims of calamities, and to fight poverty and diseases.