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The "love" from China boosts the confidence of South Korean citizens in fighting the epidemic----- A record of "Spreading love worldwide" of IEEPA in South Korea

2020-04-06 10:04Source: 中文

Sponsored and hosted by IEEPA and supported together by the People’s Pictorial Office of China Foreign Language Publishing Administration, the Korea Asia Daily, the Korean Architectural Design and Research Institute, and the Fenhan Network, the public welfare project "Spreading love worldwide" was held in Seoul City, South Korea on April 6th. Volunteers gave out masks to residents of Seoul and the foreigners passing by for free in streets near Hongik University.

Under the efficient arrangement of the epidemic materials and the precise deployment of the epidemic prevention work by the government of South Korea, the epidemic situation in South Korea has been effectively controlled. Also, it has received supports from Chinese government. The money donated by experts and staffs of IEEPA was used to purchase 3,000 masks, of which 2,400 were donated directly to South Korean government agencies, and 600 were distributed to Seoul residents in the streets by volunteers from South Korea's Fenhan Network. People in Seoul were surprised to receive the masks and wishes from China, and expressed their gratitude to the volunteers. Many people also said, China's anti-epidemic work have provided a sense of safety for everyone, which resulted from all the efforts. Some Seoul residents also emphasized that, epidemic prevention requires the efforts of every person. Anyone who does not care will destroy current achievements. "I hope that people of the two countries can overcome the virus as soon as possible and work together for common development ", a citizen named Jin said.

Gaoyang government in South Korea was very happy to receive the donations from Chinese social sectors. They said that after the outbreak of the "COVID-19" epidemic, China and South Korea established a joint anti-epidemic model of inter-governments and inter-persons for the rest of the world to help each other overcome difficulties. Although political systems and cultures are different in each country, "Community of Human Destiny" still transcends them. With the concept of "Great Harmony", the beauty of the world as well as health and safety can be forged.

Li Junyang, Acting vice-president of IEEPA, said that, Rome was not built in one day, and Good deeds have no size. In the current situation, it is necessary to give full play to the capabilities of professional organizations and actively work to win this COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control war. This series of public welfare project "Spreading love worldwide" officially entered South Korea after Ukraine, Japan, and Serbia, and was jointly organized and relayed by the two countries’ governments and social units, which reflected the wish that "China’s Temperature" warms the world. The virus cannot recognize races, and the epidemic spreads no borders. Only by working together can people from all over the world overcome the COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, IEEPA has always adhered to the concept of “community of human destiny”. For one thing, they volunteered at the grassroots level in Beijing to participate in the epidemic prevention work when every two people worked in groups and worked in shifts based on working-days. For another, IEEPA have also carried out public welfare projects continuously both at home and abroad, donated funds and materials valued more than 1 million collectedly, and provided material assistance for the epidemic prevention work. At the moment, IEEPA is promoting the public welfare project "Spreading love worldwide" in the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and London, UK, to actively demonstrate the strength and power from the people in Chinese social organizations. Guided by “the community of human destinies”, IEEPA will relay with people in the countries and cities where it is, in order to make contribution to the maintaining global public health and safety.