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IEEPA Donated Negative Pressure Ambulance to Beijing Emergency Medical Center

2020-04-24 14:04Source: 中文

On the morning of April 23, 2020, the negative pressure ambulance donated by Beijing International Ecological Economic Promotion Association (IEEPA) to The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality was officially handed over in the building of Beijing Emergency Medical Center. Hao Jiming, President of IEEPA, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Guang, President of China Environmental Protection Foundation of Ministry of Ecological and Environment, Li junyang, Acting-Vice President of IEEPA , Fang Zhi, Undersecretary General of China Environmental Protection Foundation, Zhang Wenzhong, Director of Beijing Emergency Medical Center, Zhang Wei and Shao Shiyu, Deputy Director of Beijing Emergency Medical Center and Director of Department of Motor Vehicles attended the vehicle donation activity.

Beijing, as the capital of China, faced with the current rapid spread of the epidemic abroad, and the risk of importation is still increasing. Preventing epidemic is facing complexity. The guarantee of emergency supplies is particularly important. Therefore, the IEEPA decided to take 360,000 yuan from the China Environmental Protection Foundation of Ministry of Ecological and Environment to purchase Ford customized negative pressure ambulance, making contributions to The Beijing Emergency Medical Center, named receiving unit of The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, actively supporting the health and safety of people in Beijing. The Ford customized negative pressure ambulance donated, is mainly used for the transportation of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) patients there.

"The ultimate goal of environmental protection is for people to get along harmoniously with the environment. IEEPA, always committing to the improvement of environment and economy, is also aiming to protect human health, and the emergency center is an important part of the last defense line of human health system. At present, the municipal emergency center has been undertaking the transportation of the majority novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in the city. We, as a professional community in field of ecological economy, in spite of a non-profit organization with limited funds and resources, under this epidemic, we finally decided to apply the limited resources to support the anti-epidemic work of the municipal government on considering how to serve at the ultimate goal of the ecological services to improve people’s health in the capital. Therefore, a negative pressure ambulance is donated to the emergency municipal center to jointly guard the last important strategic pass of citizens’ health in the capital. " Hao Jiming, President of International Ecological Economic Promotion Association, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, stressed the original intention of this donation activity then and there.

Xu Guang, President of China Environmental Protection Foundation of Ministry of Ecological and Environment, said that since the outbreak of epidemic, the foundation has taken an active action to deliver a large number of urgently needed medical waste transfer vehicles, turnover boxes and various kinds of protective materials to Hubei Province, so as to stouten the force in promoting the anti-epidemic frontline; the cooperation of China Environmental Protection Foundation and the IEEPA not only donated ozone disinfector for the anti-epidemic work of Hubei Province, but also contributed to the epidemic emergency prevention work in the capital with the donation of negative pressure ambulance.

Li junyang, Acting Vice-President of IEEPA , said that as a community organization and non-profit organization, as well as a member of Beijing citizens, who construct and develop “based on the capital and oriented to the international”, under the current epidemic situation, should take the initiative and give full play to its role. The association began to plan and formulate detailed response programs, preparations of material donations and the epidemic prevention steps since the Spring Festival; which not only supported the Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the anti-epidemic headquarters of The People’s Government of Yidu Municipality, and donated epidemic prevention materials to the basic-level public securities, traffic polices, police stations, subdistrict offices, communities, etc. in the capital, but also directly arranged shifts everyday to participate in the process of the capital's epidemic prevention at basic level, paying attention to the development of the capital's "the first place" spirit, and adopting the integrated measures of humane ecological humanism and the epidemic prevention’s requires. Meanwhile, "love without borders" is advocated, "people to people, love and mutual assistance" are the link, and we implement the action of "love world transmission" which has been successfully carried out in Japan, South Korea, Serbia, etc. and come into high efficient function at present. As a community, we are also facing the development problem. But given the epidemic, we give priority to the needs of epidemic work. We believe that with the strong support of the government today, the role a community could play will become more and more important. Faced with the needs of epidemic donation and material support for epidemic prevention work, we will go through all the temporary difficulties in our association. We insist on "sustainable improvement" as the work value, and are also confident of a better development in the future.

Zhang Wenzhong, Director of the Beijing Emergency Medical Center, said at the time of donation, that it has been 100 days since the first patient was received on January 12th this year, and the emergency medical center has undertaken 98% of the transformations of the novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in the city. At present, it is still undertaking the transformations of close contacts in two major airports, five railway stations and other places. For all the staff of the emergency medical center, they are doing the repeated work every day to run the patients, but for the masses, calling 120 may take place only for once in their lives, which requires the staff of the emergency medical center to treat each visit with a high sense of responsibility and a great awe. The emergency medical center is very grateful for the negative pressure ambulance donated by the IEEPA and the China Environmental Protection Foundation, for it is beneficial to the transfer work of the center. At the same time, we realized the difficulties of IEEPA as a social community who give priority to making contributions to the emergency security of the city under the limited funds and resources. We sincerely thank you. I also hope that in the future, with the support of IEEPA and the China Environmental Protection Foundation, we all together will continue the contributions to the health of the people in the city.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to "scientifically planning, orderly participation and do function,” IEEPA has taken actions against the epidemic, thoroughly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Beijing municipal government, and actively mobilized the affiliated member units, experts and scholars and all social workers of specialized committee to take the initiative to join in. IEEPA raised more than 300,000 yuan with personal donations of its own experts and staff, and reached an accumulated donation of more than 1 million yuan, including 600,000 yuan donated to Beijing, 220,000 yuan to Wuhan, Yichang and other places in Hubei Province, and 170,000 yuan to Japan, South Korea, Serbia and other countries. In the work of epidemic prevention, as a community group, IEEPA is pragmatic and efficient, making the best use of things, and everyone do his duty. This time, IEEPA’s donation of negative pressure ambulances to Beijing Emergency Medical Center, is also for the target to bring more positive energy to the capital society with its own strength, lead more social organizations to act together to play a part in protecting the health and safety of the capital. The negative pressure ambulance purchased by IEEPA uses technical means to make the air pressure in the car lower than the external atmospheric pressure, so when the air flows freely, it can only flow from the outside to the inside of the car, and the negative pressure can also discharge the air in car after innocent treatment, reducing infection, and minimizing the risk of cross infection among medical staff during the treatment and transportation of infectious diseases and other special diseases patients. The vehicle is also equipped with a complete set of rescue equipment, such as ventilator, defibrillator, ECG monitor, etc., and equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp, central oxygen supply interface and other equipment. Therefore, we actively support the improvement of comprehensive treatment and service capacity of Beijing, and safeguard the safety of the masses to ensure the health of people in the capital, and take supportive actions to effectively deal with emergencies and strengthen comprehensive emergency services.