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The Demonstration Meeting for the Implementation Plan of the "One City, One Policy" Technology Assistance Program in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Which our Association Participated in, was Successfully Held

2023-04-28 09:04Source: IEEPA

On April 27, 2023, the demonstration meeting for the implementation plan of the "One City, One Policy" technology assistance program in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which our association participated in, was successfully held.

More than 60 people participated in the demonstration plan meeting, including demonstration experts, relevant personnel from the Yellow River Center, relevant staff from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region working group, relevant personnel from the ecological environment bureau of the supported city, leaders and relevant personnel from the urban stationed technology assistance working group, and relevant leaders and backbone members of the "stationed technology assistance technology guarantee" project of the Yellow River Joint Research (Phase I).

The leaders of the stationed technology assistance working groups in Bayannur City, Baotou City, Wuhai City, Hohhot City, and Ordos City respectively reported on the implementation plan. The responsible comrades of the stationed Urban Ecological Environment Bureau gave speeches, recognized the implementation plan, and expressed support and expectations for the technology assistance work stationed. The expert group believes that the implementation plans of Bayannaoer City, Baotou City, Wuhai City, Hohhot City and Ordos City all put forward research tasks such as investigation and assessment of Urban ecosystem, list of urban water pollution sources, preparation of solid waste list and risk assessment, and "one city, one policy", which meet the requirements of the Application Guide for the Joint Study on Ecological Protection and High quality Development of the Yellow River Basin (Phase I) and local actual needs, and are highly operable. Thus, the experts all agree to implement the plan through argumentation.

Chairman Xi Jinping, has delivered important speeches on the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin multiple times, deeply elucidating the great significance of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. He has made significant arrangements to strengthen the governance and protection of the Yellow River and promote high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. He has achieved great achievements in promoting the ecological protection, governance, and economic and social development of the Yellow River Basin, and has written a new chapter in the history of the Yellow River governance of the Chinese nation.

The meeting requires that all parties involved in the technology assistance work at the station should improve their political stance, fully promote the technology assistance work at the station, and firmly shoulder the political responsibility of supporting service ecological protection and high-quality development; To strengthen the implementation ability, the assistance plan should be strong in "assistance" and weak in "research", and the entire plan should be feasible and able to effectively solve the water ecological environment problems at the station; To strengthen systematic thinking, highlight key and difficult points, and accurately grasp the systematic and holistic nature of the watershed; We need to strengthen the construction of mechanisms, implement the responsibilities of all parties, form a working force, and ensure that the technology assistance work in the stationed areas is implemented and achieve practical results.

Next, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Department of Science and Technology and Finance of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, we will comprehensively promote the launch of the "One City, One Policy" technology assistance work in stationed areas.