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Loving China's great river, preventing and controlling new pollutants

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General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that "For Man and Nature: Building a Community of Life" and "The Yangtze River Economic Belt will become the main battlefield of China's ecological priority and green development". In the meantime, he has also stressed that "with unremitting efforts on one blueprint, we can make the Yellow River deliver more benefits to our people" and "building an ecological civilization is a millennium plan for the sustainable development of China". It is the fundamental achievement of a unifying spirit, staying confident, moving forward, and implementing a people-centered development philosophy.

Given the current two rivers' toxic and harmful chemical production status, the key control of new pollutant emissions and environmental and health risk conditions is not clear; lack of implementation of the key control new pollutants banned, limit, limit of environmental risk control measures, new pollutant control mechanism, new pollutant monitoring, screening evaluation control ability is insufficient, the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) joint hundred experts, hundreds of industrial and commercial enterprises agreed to launch ten consistent actions.

1. Initiate a chemical substance information-sharing campaign. Share the information on chemical raw materials, intermediate products and products used by enterprises producing new pollutants to understand the harm of new contaminants to the ecological environment and human beings.

2. Conduct a screening and assessment campaign of environmental risks for chemical substances. Formulate priority control measures, lists of chemicals, guidelines and standards, and carry out screening and assessment of environmental risks of key chemical substances in key industries.

3. We will strengthen the source control actions. We will strengthen supervision over the registration of environmental management of new chemical substances, implement state management measures to prioritize the control of new chemical substances and supervise the implementation of the main responsibility for the prevention and control of environmental risks of new chemical substances.

4. Implement elimination or restriction action. The production, processing, use, import and export of new pollutants shall be prohibited and restricted, phased out in stages, environmental impact assessment management shall be strengthened, and access management of construction projects shall be strictly related to new pollutants.

5. We will strengthen cleaner production and green manufacturing initiatives. Promote the establishment of green products, green factories, green parks and green supply chains; implement the replacement and emission control of toxic and harmful chemicals in key industries; fully implement the standards, certification and identification of environmental marking products and green products, and promote the concept of green development in the whole life cycle.

6. Standardize the use and administration of antibiotic drugs. The management of new antibiotics should be strictly enforced, the clinical application management of antibiotics should be strengthened, and the supervision, management and use of veterinary antibiotics shall be standardized.

7. Improve the use and management of pesticides. Strengthen pesticide registration management, strictly control the use of high-toxic and high-risk pesticides and additives with environmental persistence, bioaccumulation and other characteristics, and timely recycling of pesticide packaging waste.

8. Strengthen the coordinated treatment of new pollutants with multiple environmental media. We will strengthen the management of emission permits for enterprises that produce new pollutants, enhance monitoring of air, water and soil, assess environmental risks, implement relevant pollution control requirements, deal with them under the law, and take strict measures to prevent environmental hazards.

9. Carry out pilot projects to control new pollutants. Start from me, to encourage the first trial, to reduce the generation and discharge of new pollutants.

10. Strengthen publicity and guidance. We will actively carry out publicity and education on the treatment of new pollutants, guide social sciences to understand the risks of new pollutants, give full play to the supervisory role of public opinion, and raise the understanding of new pollutants.

To realize harmonious coexistence between man and nature is the inevitable requirement of ecological civilization construction, we sincerely hope that the government, enterprises and people use the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature to effectively prevent new pollutants from the environment and health risks as the core, to establish and improve the new pollutant control system, protect the beautiful earth, make well-being for all humanity!

International Ecological Economic Promotion Association

On September 5, 2023

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