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The appraisal meeting of key technologies and application achievements of the refined reconstruction of food waste resources and the application results of the step-by-step directional transformation was held in Shanghai

2023-11-19 05:11Source: 中文

On November 16, our association went to Shanghai Donghua University as the organization meeting appraisal unit to identify the “Key Technology and Application Achievement Appraisal Meeting for the Cascade Directional Transformation of Food Waste Resource Refinement Reconstruction”, and the chairman was Academician Hou Li'an. Based on food waste, this achievement has turned waste into resources and turned waste into profit through the research and development of kitchen resource technology, and has been promoted and applied, which has well supported the construction of a zero-waste city in China and the national strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. WELLE Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd., a member of our association, participated in the R&D, promotion and application of the project as a completion unit, which is also a concrete embodiment of our association going out to serve member units and building a golden bridge.