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I will attend the Sino-British Natural Capital Governance Seminar

2024-03-21 23:03Source: 中文

On March 20, 2024, we will participate in the "From Numbers to Benefits: Sino-British Natural Capital Governance Seminar" co-sponsored by the British Embassy in China and Beijing Green Research Philanthropy Center in Beijing. Experts, scholars, and government department staff from home and abroad discussed two topics: natural capital value accounting and application, and corporate natural capital accounting, disclosure, and data use.

Professor Ouyang Zhiyun, an expert from our association, gave a detailed introduction to the ecosystem GEP value accounting system and shared his views on the current development of natural capital at home and abroad as well as current problems. A senior consultant from the British Economic Environment Economic Consulting Company (FFtec) discussed the accounting and application of corporate natural capital, how companies demonstrate and apply statistics based on corporate natural balance sheets, why companies need to do accounting, and how to use these data.

Bai Yunwen, executive director of our association, hosted a wonderful roundtable discussion with innovators.

The conference brought the latest global ideas and practices to the accounting and application of natural capital, and also shared the latest insights into the significance, methods, and directions of natural capital accounting for various domestic institutions.