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Jiangsu Taixing High-tech Zone actively explores EOD development model

2024-04-23 15:04Source: 中文

Green is the distinctive feature of new productive forces. Green is the fundamental guide for developing new productive forces. Green is the inevitable result of developing new productive forces. Developing new productive forces is a key task to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development.

"EOD model projects are a powerful engine for new productivity." On April 20, Chen Yongqing, former first-level inspector of the Department of Soil Ecology and Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, held a seminar on innovation and improvement of the Ecological Environment Oriented Development (EOD) model and promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection industries. expressed at the meeting.

Chen Yongqing introduced that the ecological environment-oriented development (EOD) model is based on ecological protection and environmental governance, supported by characteristic industry operations, and adopts methods such as industrial chain extension, joint operations, and combined development to promote strong public welfare and poor profitability. It is an innovative way to organize and implement projects by effectively integrating ecological environment management projects with related industries with good returns, coordinating promotion, and integrating implementation to internalize the economic value brought by ecological environment management.

Chen Yongqing pointed out that after several years of pilot exploration, the EOD model began to be rolled out nationwide. At the end of December 2023, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission, the People's Bank of China, and the General Office of the General Office of Financial Supervision jointly issued a notice on the "Implementation Guidelines for Ecological Environment-Oriented Development (EOD) Projects (Trial)", which proposed to be proactive, prudent, standardized and effective. Promote EOD model innovation in an orderly manner. All localities should strengthen the guarantee of resource factors for project implementation and promote the implementation of projects. Focus on project construction and later operations to ensure steady improvement in ecological environment quality and sustainable industrial development. For areas with typical cases, good project implementation and successful experience, new projects can be planned in a timely manner. Encourage innovation in financial policies, products and services that are conducive to the implementation of EOD projects.

The energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province started early, has good development momentum, and has many benchmark companies. Zhang Peng, deputy mayor of Jiangsu Taixing Municipal People's Government, introduced that in 2023, the regional GDP will exceed 140 billion yuan, and industrial invoice sales will exceed 200 billion yuan, ranking 20th among the top 100 counties (cities) with basic competitiveness of county economies in the country. Innovative Ranked 31st among the top 100 counties (cities). Taixing High-tech Zone Taixing City focuses on building an "innovation zone" and an "industry-city integration model area". In recent years, Taixing City has relied on innovation and empowerment to creatively explore the EOD development model, promote green transformation in an integrated manner, use the "appearance" of green waters and green mountains to amplify the "value" of gold and silver, and has successively created national-level environmental protection service industry pilot parks , national ecological environment science popularization base, national green industrial park and other honors.

Liu Xiaolei, director of the Regulations, Standards and Science and Technology Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, pointed out that the EOD model is an important path for transforming green waters and lush mountains into gold and silver mountains, and is also an important starting point for green, low-carbon and high-quality development. In recent years, Jiangsu has carried out in-depth exploration and practice of EOD models and established a multi-element, multi-field, three-dimensional comprehensive pilot system, and the pilot has achieved remarkable results. Taixing High-tech Zone has actively explored the pilot work of the ecological environment-oriented development model of industrial parks. It has cooperated with social groups and scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Society of Environmental Science, Beijing International Ecological Economics Association, Ningbo University, and Chongqing University to compile the "Ecological Environment of Industrial Parks". "Research Report on the Implementation Effectiveness Evaluation of the Oriented Development Model (EOD) Pilot Project" has set an example and demonstration for the promotion and implementation of EOD projects in Jiangsu Province and even the country.

The reporter learned that Jiangsu Taixing High-tech Industrial Development Zone has built a modern industrial system dominated by energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, and intelligent manufacturing, supported by the scientific and technological service industry, and promoted "industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, carrier innovation, and mechanism innovation." ". As an investment platform for emerging industries, the development zone is based on the main business of green environmental protection, relying on strong think tanks, scientific research, financing, and project operation capabilities to actively explore innovative models and build a cooperation platform for jointly building a beautiful China.

At the meeting, An Lihui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, interpreted the "Research Report on the Implementation Effectiveness Evaluation of the Ecological Environment-Oriented Development Model (EOD) Pilot Project in Industrial Parks" compiled based on the experience of the EOD project in Taixing High-tech Zone. The 11th He Keng, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the 12th Central Committee of the Jiusan Society, Liu Zhiren, former counselor of the State Council and researcher at the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and other leading experts provided comments and guidance, pointing out that in the dual-carbon In this era, government agencies, capital platforms, project entities, and research departments should jointly discuss, exchange experiences, and analyze cases to gain a deeper and closer understanding of the importance of innovation and improvement of the EOD model in the dual-carbon era and the urgency of implementation. . In the dual-carbon era, each of us, every group and enterprise is a participant in carbon neutrality, and the EOD model is one of the paths and efficient magic weapons to achieve carbon neutrality.

During the meeting, Liu Hongzhi, vice president and secretary-general of the Beijing International Ecological Economy Association, awarded the vice president unit plaque of Taixing Zhiguang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Taixing High-tech Zone promoted the energy-saving and environmental protection industry in the park from many aspects, and held a high-efficiency energy-saving event The signing ceremony of five projects including automobile parts manufacturing.