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Deputy Secretary-General Liu Lingyun led an inspection delegation to Chengde City for inspection

2024-05-01 16:05Source: 中文

Recently, an inspection delegation led by Deputy Secretary-General Liu Lingyun went to Chengde City to have an in-depth understanding of and discuss river management, landfill and resource utilization, as well as the integrated development cooperation of related industries. The inspection was warmly received by leaders of the Chengde Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Shuangqiao District, including District Party Committee Secretary Yang Lei, Executive Deputy District Mayor Zhang Shengyong, Deputy District Mayor Liu Huanhai and many other regional government officials.

Through this in-depth exchange and inspection, the two parties reached a number of consensuses on river management, waste treatment and integrated industrial development, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. This will not only help promote the in-depth development of regional environmental governance work, but also promote the upgrading and transformation of related industries, injecting new vitality into the sustained and healthy development of the local economy.