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Mr. Xie Boyang, Chairman of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, visited our association

2024-05-01 16:05Source: 中文

Recently, Mr. Xie Boyang, Chairman of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "China Green Development Foundation") visited our association and was warmly received by Liu Hongzhi, Vice President and Secretary-General of our Association. The two sides had in-depth discussions communication and discussion.

Secretary-General Liu Hongzhi first extended a warm welcome to Chairman Xie Boyang for his visit, and introduced to him in detail the development history and main development directions of our association as well as the remarkable achievements in ecological and environmental protection in recent years. Chairman Xie Boyang also shared the development history of China Green Development Council, including the foundation’s main focus areas and future planning directions.

Chairman Xie Boyang also provided valuable opinions and suggestions to the association, providing guidance for the association's future development. His visit and guidance not only deepened the understanding between the two organizations, but also opened up new opportunities for future cooperation and development.

It is worth mentioning that since its establishment, China Green Development Council has been committed to the protection of biodiversity and has played an important role in promoting green economic development. As one of the most influential foundations in this field in China, the work of China Green Development Council has been widely supported and recognized by all sectors of society. Chairman Xie Boyang’s visit this time has brought new cooperation opportunities and development space to our association.