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I will be one of the initiators for the successful conclusion of the Wuxi Lihu Ecological Design Festival

2024-05-20 08:05Source: 中文

From May 17th to 19th, the Wuxi Lihu Ecological Design Festival, with the annual theme of "The Future in Water" and ecological design as its core, kicked off at Lihu (Bogong Island). As one of the initiators, Dr. Liu Hongzhi, Vice President and Secretary General of our association, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony, launch ceremony, the "20-Year Agreement" Lihu Dialogue, and the Global Renewable Industry Salon Dialogue.

At the opening ceremony, the "Li Lake Dialogue" with the theme of "20 Years' Pact" and the main line of "Wuxi Case, the Taihu Lake Lake Miniature" invited experts and scholars in the field of ecological protection, urban management, planning and construction to jointly review that Wuxi has turned "danger" into "opportunity" in the past 20 years, integrating the concept of ecological priority and green development into the course of urban development, and called on all parties to take the design festival as the starting point, take the construction of the future city of Li Lake as the starting point, and jointly look forward to the next 20 years to promote the high-quality development of Wuxi city.

The design festival lasts for three days, during which a series of activities such as art installations, design exhibitions, salon dialogues, market activities, design workshops, documentary screenings, theatrical performances, design case studies, and design ecological tours will all make exciting appearances. The theme forum "Global Climate Action and Sustainable Development" and forums such as "International Cooperation in Renewable Industries, Technology and Ecological Design" will also be held simultaneously.

This design festival is jointly initiated by WDW World Design Week City Network, China Europe Sustainable Development Communication Center, Slow Food International Slow Food Association, Beijing International Ecological Economy Association, and hosted by Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Lihu Future City. It is jointly guided and supported by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Science Journal (BioGreen), International Ecological Economy Association, Wuxi United Front Work Department, Wuxi Ecological Environment Bureau, Wuxi Water Resources Bureau, Wuxi Urban Development Research Center, and other organizations.