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Weekly News Highlights

2024-06-17 11:06Source: 中文


Recently, Dr. Liu Hongzhi, the Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of our association, made a special trip to the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to visit old friends at the center, reminisce about past times, and discuss collaboration opportunities.


Recently, a delegation from our association made a special visit to the Chengdu Municipal People's Government to engage in in-depth discussions on strengthening bilateral cooperation and promoting mutual development. The visit was warmly received and highly valued by Wang Zhihua, a member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor.


On June 8, 2024, People's Daily featured a special report titled "Exploring New Paths for Ecological Priority and Green Development," highlighting the Taixing High-Tech Zone EOD project supported by our association. The project has received high recognition from both the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the team led by Zhao Yunhao from the Institute of Planning under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.


During the Dragon Boat Festival, our association worked overtime with the Yunnan Provincial Academy of Environmental Science to conduct in-depth discussions on ecological restoration智库 recommendations for phosphogypsum and related application demonstrations, providing an industry-academia-research collaborative case study for the environmental risk prevention of phosphogypsum resource utilization and ecological restoration.


Recently, I had the honor of inviting a renowned professor from Peking University, who is also the vice president of our association, to carefully and meticulously revise and guide the reports intended for submission to the China Association for Science and Technology. The professor not only provided crucial suggestions for the perfection of the reports with his profound academic expertise and rich practical experience but also offered valuable guidance and support for the history and future development of our association.