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Dr. Liu Hongzhi, Vice President and Secretary-General, will visit Dr. Huang Qifei, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, to discuss new challenges and development trends in the field of solid waste.

2024-06-17 11:06Source: 中文

Recently, Dr. Liu Hongzhi, the Vice President and Secretary-General of our association, made a special visit to Researcher Huang Qifei at the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences. The two parties engaged in discussions on new issues and trends in the field of solid waste management. They also delved into innovations in solid waste treatment technologies, improvements in policies and regulations, and collaboration within the industry.

This visit not only strengthened the exchange and cooperation between our association and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences but also provided new ideas and directions for the future development of the solid waste sector. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, more significant achievements will be made in solid waste treatment and resource utilization, contributing positively to building a beautiful China.