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Beijing Global Index Technology Co., Ltd. has made progress in capital reduction, resolving historical issues left by the association.

2024-06-18 09:06Source: 中文

Through the relentless efforts of the new council and secretariat, Beijing Global Index Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Global Index") has made significant progress in its capital reduction efforts. This move aims to address a series of historical issues, protect the association's reputation and asset security, and ensure the company's healthy and orderly development.

The advancement of the capital reduction work has received strong support from the legal and accounting teams. They have conducted extensive communications with relevant shareholders and strictly followed the procedures stipulated by the new Company Law, ensuring the legality and transparency of the entire capital reduction process. In addition, to protect the rights and interests of creditors and other stakeholders, the company has taken various measures to fully safeguard the legal rights and interests of all parties from infringement.

While the Global Index is reducing its capital, the association is also actively addressing some long-standing unresolved issues. These issues cover multiple fields, and their complexity and sensitivity require the association to invest a lot of resources and energy. By establishing special working groups, the association has successfully resolved some issues, and other related work is also progressing in an orderly manner.

The person in charge of the association stated that despite facing many challenges, the association always aims to solve problems and is committed to promoting the optimization of internal governance. This not only helps to enhance the overall image and operational efficiency of the association but also provides more stable and reliable services for its members.

Looking ahead, with the completion of the capital reduction work and the clearing of historical issues, the association will stand at a new starting point, ready to meet new challenges and opportunities with a healthier stance.