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2020-07-31 10:07Source: 国际生态经济协会(IEEPA)中文

【Recruitment position】

Translation and proofreading volunteers: 2-3 volunteers needed

Under the guidance of the IEEPA official in charge, the volunteer should undertake the Chinese-English (English-Chinese) translation and proofreading. The content of the materials include but not limited to the IEEPA's publicity materials, news, conference speeches, project introductions, expert profiles and other temporary translation tasks.

【Job requirements】

1. Undergraduate or graduate student, with strong Chinese-English(English-Chinese) translation skills, native English or equivalent is preferred;

2. Working experience in translation or proofreading is preferred;

3. Majors related to ecological economy are preferred;

4. Have good communication and teamwork skills, self-driven personality, spontaneous personality, and strong execution.

【Service time】

In principle, volunteer service is unlimited.

Volunteers who volunteer for more than 3 months can apply for a volunteer certificate.

Volunteers can work in the association or remotely.

【How to apply】

Please send your resume to: (# replace with @). The resume is named "IEEPA Translation and Proofreading Volunteer + Name". Suggestions for the body of the email include: how you obtained recruitment information; explain the relevant experience and the reasons and expectations of interest in the position; and the available time.