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Qu Geping

Qu Geping
Honorary President

Qu Geping is the first head of the State Environmental Protection Administration and a former chairman of the National People's Congress.

A professor and a world-renowned environmental science expert, he has served as a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, chairman of the National People's Congress Committee on Environment and Resources Protection, chairman of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, and as honorary president of the China Academy of Environmental Management Cadres.

He is one of the main pioneers and founders of China's environmental protection movement, and one of the founders and original leaders of China's environmental protection management agency.

In the environmental community, he has achieved a number of firsts: China's first Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Programme, and the first Director of the State Environmental Protection Agency. His biggest mission has been developing China's environmental law system so that there is a body of law to protect nature.

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